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Foreign Trained Lawyers Filing Application for Admission 1 Attorneys
The Countdown on the Calbar website 6 Bar Exam
PA Retaker- Second Time Taking 0 Bar Exam
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ok, so I passed the bar......NOW WHAT?!?!?!?! 4 Bar Exam
New York Adopts UBE As of July 2016 6 Bar Exam
Cut your bar prep bill IN HALF (And likely upgrade to a better company too) 0 Bar Exam
Passed New Jersey-Here is my story 11 Bar Exam
The semi-offical way to calculate your scaled/raw MBE scores 2 Bar Exam
Has the job market really gotten so bad that attorneys will work for LESS than minimum wage?????????? 0 Bar Exam
CA Bar test centers July 2015 5 Bar Exam
Just 4 Fun 0 Bar Exam
Do any states still let you pass on MBE scores alone??? 0 Bar Exam
why dont ALL states do this????????? 0 Bar Exam
Want to take an OPEN BOOK bar exam that is only 26 multiple choice questions long without any essays and where you can practice for 30 days while waiting for yourself to get licensed? 1 Bar Exam
Passing in another state 2 Attorneys
Can you practice on the Res without being licensed in the state that the reservation is located? 1 Bar Exam
MD Results out today 5 Bar Exam
MI Bar Results Waiting Thread 15 Bar Exam
What type of law & why? 6 Bar Exam
States with no set release date 0 Bar Exam
NY Bar Eligibility (Does it expire?) 1 Bar Exam
Looking for online study buddy CA Bar July 2015 4 Bar Exam
FUCK THE MPRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Bar Exam
Feb 2015 CBX Email 18 Bar Exam
Anyone else considering getting an LLM? 0 Bar Exam
Any one taking the NH Bar this July 0 Bar Exam
Transfer your scores to Palau-They only require a 75 MPRE and a 120MBE!!!!!! 0 Bar Exam
TUTORS 3 Bar Exam
Jobs with only a JD degree (pls, add to list) 7 Bar Exam
Need study partner for July Ct Bar 4 Bar Exam
Khan Academy Law School 1 Bar Exam
2015 New York Bar Results 15 Bar Exam
Please 0 Bar Exam
NJ Bar Results 58 Bar Exam
Calcuate how you did vs the rest of the nation 0 Bar Exam
Drinking too much waiting for the bar results 3 Bar Exam
Appeal in NC 1 Bar Exam
Waiting in CA 3 Bar Exam
CBX PTB (The Real Story) 12 Bar Exam
Iowa Bar Results 0 Bar Exam
MD Exam Result??? 2 Bar Exam
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